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16 June 2016 @ 10:10 pm
Drama CD help needed~  
So, I just found a few Angelique drama CDs that don't have summaries / translations on this community yet. ...I'd love to understand what's going on so would anyone be able to help me?

Angelique ~Anata no Hitomi ni Yumetenshi (Sweet Angel)~
So, I started to listen to the first track and so far I've been able to understand that Randy's depressed because Rosalia shot him down or something. Zephel, of course, laughs his ass off about it and Marcel tries to cheer Randy up... only for Randy to refuse to even look his way. Marcel starts crying and successfully guilt-trips Randy into manning up, and cheerfully bounces back from his crying fit once he does (...I have no idea if Marcel is just that manipulative or if it comes naturally to him).

I'm laughing my butt off alongside Zephel because Randy is such a drama queen at the beginning. XD "Farewell, my youth... farewell, my pure white wings in the midst of this bright sunshine..." Anywho, I'd love to understand what happens in all four tracks in this CD. A summary of sorts would be fine, but if anyone is willing to do a translation, that'd be even better~ (Also, why is Randy in love with Rosalia in this CD? At least it sounds like he is.)

The radio dramas i.e. Fushigi Chaser and Seichi Enbukyoku
I already know what happens in "Sayonara, Meikyuu" due to the summary on the community. However, the other two still leave me a little stumped - in the former, we get Charlie and Victor switching bodies, and if I understood correctly, the third one has 'dream/imaginary moments' where the Guardians act like (or turn into) toddlers... and I think I heard Lumiale, Charlie and a few others act like girls...

I'd also love to understand these, though there might be a few that already have summaries on here (if there are, blame my short-term memory~ It tends to suck.).
Angelique ~Hello Again!~
Angelique ~Kanashimi no Hayashi Rice~
Angelique ~Koi wa PUSH&PUSH!~
Angelique ~Madowasenaide Innocent Girl~
Angelique ~Sacrea of Light and Darkness~
Angelique ~Tokimeki no Houseki Bako~
Angelique Fantasia ~Drama Selection~
Angelique Gaiden ~Mugen Onkai 1~
Angelique Gaiden ~Mugen Onkai 2~
Angelique Gaiden ~Mugen Onkai 3~
Angelique Gaiden ~Mugen Onkai 4~
Angelique Gaiden 2 ~Silhouette Crimson~ Vol.1 Kanashimi no Utsuwa
Angelique Gaiden 2 ~Silhouette Crimson~ Vol.2 The Ice Castle
Angelique Gaiden 2 ~Silhouette Crimson~ Vol.3 Taiyou no Kioku
Angelique Gaiden 2 ~Silhouette Crimson~ Vol.4 Tobitatsu Kodou
Angelique Gaiden 3 ~Sanctuaire de Glace~ Vol.1
Angelique Gaiden 3 ~Sanctuaire de Glace~ Vol.2
Angelique Gaiden 3 ~Sanctuaire de Glace~ Vol.3
Angelique Gaiden 3 ~Sanctuaire de Glace~ Vol.4
Angelique Gaiden 4 ~Niji no Nostalgia~ Vol.1
Angelique Gaiden 4 ~Niji no Nostalgia~ Vol.2
Angelique Gaiden 4 ~Niji no Nostalgia~ Vol.3
Angelique Gaiden 4 ~Niji no Nostalgia~ Vol.4
Angelique Special 2 Vol.1 ~Mada Minu Kimi e no Shinwa (Love Letters)~
Angelique Special 2 Vol.2 ~Yumemiru Futatsu no Taiyou (Miracle Heart)~
Angelique Special 2 Vol.3 ~Soko ni Kimi ga iru Koufuku (Paradise)~

Thank you for any help!
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