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23 August 2015 @ 11:44 pm
LoveLove Tsuushin illustrations of Guardian relatives: Luva's dad, Lumi's sister, & more  
This comm doesn't exactly need any more posts from me given all the Retour updates, but I thought we'd have a bit of a classic Angelique interlude.

We've all seen the group pic of the former Guardians that came from LoveLove Tsuushin. The group pic wasn't an all-at-once announcement, though; before the final collage was published, the previous Guardians were gradually revealed in the magazine, one at a time, in a feature entitled "Mada Minu Kimi E..." ("To You as Yet Unseen...").

When all the previous Guardians had been revealed, the feature continued on to other characters who had been mentioned in the Angelique universe yet not seen - namely, the relatives of the main characters. The feature followed the same method that it: LLT would announce the subject of the illustration for next issue, plus include a few in-game quotes about the person to establish their personality. Fan artists would submit their designs for the character, and the magazine would use these as input (identify common denominators, etc.) in creating the "official" design for the character.

The appearance of Lumi's sister in this month's Secret Side manga brought this feature to mind, so I thought I'd share the illustrations from the issues of LoveLove Tsuushin I have that feature it. (Note: My collection goes up to Issue 32; I think that LLT ended at Vol. 34 or 38. This is only a partial gallery of the illustrations produced by that feature, is what I'm saying, but it's all I've got.)

The illustrations below were drawn by Akiko Hamada, the same artist who drew the renditions of the former Guardians.


The feature opened with a pic of Timka's little brother, Kamulan (sp? It's "kamuran" in raw Japanese). Technically, Kamulan had been seen previously - as a sprite in Tenkuu no Requiem. The caption on the illustration states that it depicts Kamulan from the time of the opening of Trois, when he would be about 7 or 8 years old.

Then, we have:


Ernst's sister, who is three years older than him and kind of free-spirited. (That's supposed to be black leather she's wearing, incidentally.) I know that siblings don't always look like each other, but in a way...if it looks like just some random woman, what's the point? I actually prefer one of the fan designs submitted, by a Suzuran Mutsuki of Chiba:


She shares her brother's clean, modern, no-nonsense appearance, but appears much freer, open, and self-assured than him. I like it a lot.

Moving on:


Victor's younger brother and sister. Vic says in the game that his brothher looks a lot like him, and that his sister is five years younger than him (Victor) and married. Victor gets along well with his brother-in-law, he says.


Lumi's little sis, at 12 to 15 years old. I find it interesting that both here and in Trois, she's depicted as a fellow musician (and artist, as per the game text) to Lumiale, whereas in the Retour Secret Side manga, she's just a cute kid. I could go on a tangent on how this change is part of a larger trend of the Retour manga stuff infantilizing its female charas, but, well, let's leave it at this.

Lumi also has two older brothers, but in the Trois game text provided, he states that they were a good deal older than him (he doesn't state by how much), so he was more comfortable talking to his sister.


Randy's parents. Randy's dad was royalty, and his mom was a commoner. The mother of Randy's father didn't approve of the match, and so she chased Randy's mom away. Randy's dad went out to look for her, and when he finally found her, he found that she had given birth to his child (Randy) in the meantime. (Mom didn't know she was pregnant when she was chased away, apparently.) Dad therefore abandoned his royal home in favor of living together with his family.


Luva's father. Story time: Luva's dad was (unsurprisingly) an archaeologist. (In the initial solicitation for fan art, LoveLove Tsuushin joked that he very well might look like Indiana Jones.) One day, his dig site collapsed on him, and child Luva was brought to the scene. Just as Luva was about to burst into tears at his father's apparent demise, Luva Dad emerges from the wreckage - when he realized what was about to happen, he'd ducked into a nearby coffin to survive the disaster, thus nuking the fridge several years before Crystal Skull.

Luva states that, as curious as he himself is, he's got nothing on his dad.


Charlie's little sister and her dog. Charlie also has an older sister and a younger brother.


Marcel's younger sisters. They're supposed to be suntanned, but I can't see it. Incidentally, one of Marcel's younger sisters gave him that peace-sign pendant he's always wearing.

And that's it for what I've got. The next relative teased was Rachel's brother, but I'm afraid I don't have that issue, so barring the contribution of some kind soul out there, that's it for now. Hope these pics were enjoyable, though!
cheroky_iche: pic#124986231cheroky_iche on August 24th, 2015 07:43 am (UTC)
Thank you very much for sharing!
Susantattoo_dreamer on August 28th, 2015 11:23 am (UTC)
Very awesome! I think I shall have to do some hunting online to see if I can't find some samples for us on the web ^^ Thanks for sharing!