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29 July 2009 @ 04:54 pm
Best songs for each NeoRoma character?  
A simple question borne out of idle curiosity: What do you feel is the best image song for each neoromance character? You don't have to do every franchise or every character within a given franchise; I myself did just the two Angeliques, being Haruka- and Corda-ignorant.

Angelique original first:

Julious: 95% of Julious's songs are made up of French and OOC sluttiness. I pick "Byakuya", it being the sluttiest, albeit a bit low on the French content.

Clavis: For him being an early favorite of mine, I don't actually recall many Clavis songs - or, rather, I recall them, but they're not standouts to me. "Home Green Home" is nicely, (kinda) subtly character-appropriate but a bit treacly. Not having heard the original, I might go with the remix of "Kokoro no Hyouga o Koete", which near the end has a kickin' rhythm but, for that reason, isn't very Clavisy.

Luva: I really love "Eien no Silkroad". It's a love song, yes, but it's not exclusively so; by feel, it's mainly Luva the storyteller conjuring up an image of his desert homeland. I like the songs that aren't just "I love you, babe" and focus on other aspects of the characters. (Also, it's odd, but for me, Luva's songs either cluster toward "great" or "horrible", with little in between.)

Lumiale: I actually have heard plenty of Lumi songs, but I'm not going to go with a vocal. I'm going to go instead with "Suiren" ("Water Lily"), a sweet and delicate harp instrumental he plays. ("Gekkouyoku" ("Moonbathing") also has a sideways etherealness about it that's beautiful and disturbing at the same time.)

Oscar: I just love that they had the audacity to title a song "All Night? All Right!". Really, there's no way it's not going to be the quintessential Oscar song. (That said, "Glamorous Venus" isn't bad, either, or his "Force of Passion" duet with Arios, or "Zutto Hanasanai", if only they'd gotten rid of the stupid duet-with-himself effect in the second verse. I don't like Oscar, but he has some good songs.)

Olivie: "21st Century Gold Rush", hands down. The song, like the singer, is total crack. I don't even need to get into the video.

Randy: "Kimi no Tame ni Koko ni Iru" is really strong, but I pick "Evergreen". Such a happy, hopeful song with a bright and natural acoustic guitar accompaniment - Randy at his best. (We will not speak of that group song where he raps "you look hot".)

Marcel: I dunno. A lot of his early songs are really bad. His one from the Twin Collection, whatever it's called, is pleasant, but "pleasant" isn't enough for a "best".

Zephel: Another blank. The best part of "Lovesick" is the video where he's building a fembot girlfriend with see-through Tinkerbell clothing. The best part of "Da-Da-Dynamic Diamond" is where he shouts "SANKYUU~~!" to his screaming audience at the end. Neither is bad, but I dunno. ("Lovesick" has a pretty good chorus, though.)

Arios: "Tempest" is perhaps the big favorite Arios song, with good reason, and "Stay" is perhaps iconic due to the music video. My personal favorite, though, is the happily overdramatic "Face Faith of Love". I'm told this gives me horrible taste in music. I don't care.

Charlie: "Furarete Ee Yan" is fun and refreshing, but I have to give this to the uber-smooth standby of "Commitment". It sounds suited to a rich guy, if that makes any sense, yet has that playful Charlie edge. (But, Lord, is "Oputomisuto wa Kiseki o Okosu" an atrocity, or what?)

Ernst: Ernst is a reserved character with a big voice, and I'm glad his songs are written to express it. "Answer", "Ii Jigen yori" - both great (with a slight edge to the romantic "Answer", though Ernst's voice is better showcased in fast-paced songs).

Victor: "Michi naki Michi" is a good straight-out rock song that uses the seiyuu's gravelly, rough voice well. I like the slight fatherly-advice thing the duet "Yume no Arika" has going, though, given the character's age, and the song has more variety to its structure. It's a toss-up.

Timka: "Shinin' Star" has a satisfying, nimble structure in places and a strong grandiosity to it in others. The Twin Collection tracks were good, weren't they?

Mel: Yeah, that insidious "KISU! KISU! KISU!" song.

Sei-lan: I was going to draw a blank, but then I ran across "Secret Dream" on my hard drive. It's such a drama queen song.

Leonard: I utterly can't stand Mr. I'm So Great of the Sephiroth Cosplayers Association, but he's not in much, so I can safely ignore him most of the time. That said, "Jiyuu ga Subete" is a tour de force.

Francis: Francis's songs are legendarily bad, supposedly. I have one, "Utakata no Opera", and it just seems like they picked something completely out of the guy's range, though his voice is obviously untrained. Still not as bad as "Oputimisuto wa Blah Blah Blah".

Heuye: That "I WILL TRYYYY!" song is happy and sunny and has good momentum, yes, but does Heuye have much of an original personality to express? He's like a carbon copy of Randy 1.0 (as opposed to Oscar's Cabana Boy Knight-in-Training Randy) with a Brotherhood of the Wolf motif tacked on. Honestly, you could give the song to early-Ange Randy, and it'd fit perfectly.
(Oh, yeah, I'm making friends today.)

My Neo Ange library is limited, but:

Rayne: Haven't heard many of his - insane, I know; have you seen the tracklist for Platinum Harmony? It plays like his greatest hits album. I heard "Crazy Beat", though, and I recalled it being pretty good.

Nyx: It's a duet, but "Home Sweetest Home" really shows the best side of Nyx, master of Hidamari, the kind of person who cares about creating memories and a warm and welcoming home where friends gather.

Hyuga: As discussed previously on this group, "Shikon no Kadou" is perfect. It's just like Hyuga would sing it, all earnest, staid, and awkward, and yet actually succeeding in being dramatic.

The Aube Hunters 4 as a group: "Silent Destiny" is just awesome aggro music. It survives even the Engrish rap and hair metal they put on the full-length version's bridge. It's worth the price of the CD single, even with the massive suckiness that is "Eternal Green".

Mathias: Is there any song better than "Black Lament"/"Lament of Ebony"? I mean, in the world? (All right, I'm overstating, but it is awesome.)

Rene: "Lament of Ebony" commands most of the attention, but "I Pray" is a nice, airy, earnest track.

Roche: Roche's seiyuu isn't a bad singer, but his voice isn't strong enough to own his songs. His theme music on the BGM soundtrack is actually far better than the character deserves.

J.D., Jet, Bernard, Erenfried: Nada. I've heard "Sweets no Mahou", before I knew the character proper. It made my teeth rot. Maybe I'd feel differently now. Erenfried's single, I haven't heard properly, but the snippet I heard sounded all crazy Broadway chorus-girl craziness, which is exactly how an Erenfried tune should be.

Geez, I've been in this fandom for so long that I've listened to all this? Holy Hannah.
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beldariusbeldarius on July 29th, 2009 11:36 pm (UTC)
I never really liked any of Julious' songs that much. Sho Hayami's own albums contained better stuff - of which "Blessing" is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Clavis... uh... Kaneto Shiozawa... he was an atrocious singer, no offence intended. ._.' His new voice Hideyuki Tanaka is dozens of times better. "Mimi wo Sumashite" is amazing.

As for Luva, I love several songs, but his "Owaranai High Noon" is my favorite.

And Lumiale... hm. "Kohakuiro no Gogo" is adorable. The chorus is pretty dang cute.

"Resolution ~Zutto Hanasanai~" is Oscar's best song, hands down. At least Horiuchi sings the best in it. XD

Olivie, can't decide between "Gold Rush ~21st century's~" and "Mikan no Serenade". They're both awesome. And Takehito Koyasu is a wtf!awesome singer to begin with.

I love ALL of Randy's songs. I can't pick a best one! XD

"DING DONG Kimi wo Suki ni naru" is a cute Marcel song, I think.

And honestly, Zephel. can't. sing. ._.'

Arios... um... "Tempest ~Natsu no Arashi". Has to be.

"Bochibochi, Iko ka ~Don't Worry~" and "Commitment" are my favorite Charlie songs so far. ...Though in the former his dramatic chorus voice makes me laugh. XD

"Answer" for Ernst. I love it.

And "Mountain Road" for Victor, I just can't help liking it. Fumihiko Tachiki has a raspy voice, but here it's so soft you could fall asleep listening to him.

"Iruka No Asobu Hoshi ~Little Propose", Timka at his best, IMHO.

"Kiss Shite ii" for Mel. So friggin adorable. <3

I didn't keep any of Sei-lan's songs. Tetsuya Iwanaga has a very bland and unmemorable voice. :/

Leonard, "Jiyuu ga Subete" is fun, though his voice is weiiiiird.

I don't remember Francis' songs, only that some of them were terrible. ...Thankfully Sugita got better at singing. I mean, he can sing live now without sounding atrocious. His performance of "Resolve" in a Saint Beast live event sent shivers down my spine, he was scary. In a good way.

Heuye... "Miagete Blue Sky". Though Namikawa isn't good at singing, he's never been. :/


I love Hiroki Takahashi's singing, he's brilliant. But... somehow his songs as Rayne sound very... generic. :/

Nyx. OMG. And yes, "Home Sweet Home" is lovely. I have no idea why people say Ohkawa can never stay on tune. -_-'

Hyuga... for him, I'd actually have to say "Rinka no Shiku". I haven't heard a better song from Ono with his deep voice (he sings better with his normal one).

"Silent Destiny" makes me gape, it's so awesome. It actually sounds like a professional band.

When it comes to Mathias, Taiten Kusunoki is actually a pretty terrible singer. :/ His Prince of Tennis songs, ew. "Shikkoku no Lament" is his best song.

Rene's songs are really cute... but somehow when I first heard "I Pray ~Kaze ni Nosete~", I thought it was a woman singing and that I had downloaded the wrong file. ._.'

Roche's voice is weak, yes, but he's a good singer and sounds cute. I actually have "Sunny Shiny Holiday" on my mp3-player now.

I like J.D.'s songs a lot. Some of Onosaka's best.

Jet's "MISSION COMPLETE" is a friggin awesome song. =3 Best Yuuichi Nakamura has ever sung.

And as for Bernard, well, Daisuke Hirakawa isn't that good at singing, but he has that extremely cute edge to his voice that makes me collect all his songs. XD No wonder he's my top second favorite seiyuu, along with Akira Ishida.

Erenfried... gah. When speaking, Miyu Irino sounds so normal and generic I don't even recognize him in drama tracks. ._. At least he's good at singing and Erenfried's songs are nice.
beldariusbeldarius on July 29th, 2009 11:40 pm (UTC)
I think I'll do Haruka and Corda, too, but tomorrow. :/
(no subject) - scapegoat1989 on July 30th, 2009 03:29 am (UTC) (Expand)
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Scapegoat: amused!rosascapegoat1989 on July 30th, 2009 03:26 am (UTC)
Oh that post is very relevant to my interests!
My list:

Julious: It's REALLY difficult for me to pick a favorite Julious song because I'm so much in love with Sho Hayami's voice. It just makes me melt. It does...things to me. His early song are the best, IMO. Byakuya and Tasogare ~Itoshisa ga Furu Tsumoru~ are pure sex, specially Tasogare. I also love Hikari no Rhapsody (I like the French. And the sluttiness). Oogon no Arcadia is also very good.
BTW, OOC sluttiness? Are you sure it's OOC? ;D LOL

Clavis: Shiozawa Kaneto will always be my one and only Clavis, so I can't quite relate to the ones sung by Tanaka Hideyuki (although Sennen no Yakusoku is a good song). My favorite has to be Ai no Nemuru Basho. It's just so soothing and...dreamy, I don't know how to explain X3

Luva: Luva's songs are always good IMO :) I'd say my favorite is Eien e no Silk Road, I love the melody and I agree with what you said about it. I also like Ichiba ni te, again, I blame the melody. Last but not least, Saudade, because it's a very beautiful song, and because it's Seki Toshihiko speaking in portuguese (ok, it's ONE WORD, but who cares 8D), so I'm biased.

Lumiale: Early Lumi songs are my favorite, they have this calming effect haha, idk. My absolute favorite is Gekkou Yoku, I can't even begin to explain how much I love the arrange. Oooh the violin and and and oh, the chorus! It's, it's...magical! I also love how you described it, I think I understand what you mean by beautiful yet disturbing etherealness 8D I love Mizu no Aria, too, probably my second favorite =p

Oscar: Probably Resolution, I don't know. Love the chorus.

Olivie: Jealousy de Nemurenai. Probably not the most Olive-y song of the bunch, but I love the melody so, yeah.

Randy: Evergreen has been my absolute favorite Randy song from the start, but now it's followed reeeeally closely by Simple Dimple Smile. It just...makes me smile, idk, specially the chorus.

Marcel: I don't usually pick the most upbeat, cutesy songs as favorites, but as far as Marcel goes, my favorite is probably Hoshi to Tsuki no Bouquet.

Zephel: It took me a while to get used to it, but Clumsy Love is my favorite Zephel song. I think it suits him, despite being slow and more of a love ballad.

Arios: Tempest. As you say, perhaps the big favorite Arios song, with good reason.

Charlie: Yume Ka Utsutsu Ka, hands down. It's the most Charlie-y song IMO. *dances with maracas*

Ernst: I don't really have a favorite Ernst song, now that I think about it. I think I like his songs all the same. They all have interesting, good melodies, but none of them are out of the ordinary. Aww, now I'm sad for him ): I'll pick Answer because it's nice and I'm partial to slow tunes =p

Victor: It's a tie between Mountain Road and Yakusoku. Mountain Road was my first Victor song, so it has all this sentimental value, plus the chorus is just beautiful, such strong melody! And Yakusoku has this soothing jazzy melody and and and oh god I just love Tachiki Fumihiko's voice, I can't choose only one out of those two =p

Timka: Early Timka songs are...uh...not good. Probably because he sings too off-key, haha. I was going to say it's a tie between Shining Star and Esperanto, but the first is a little too upbeat so, uh, I'll pick Esperanto.

Mel: Mirai Kara no Dengon, I just LOVE the melody. I like the remix better, tho.

Sei-lan: Inshouha...hm...the remix. Kinda hypnotizing, also my first Sei-Lan song ever.

Leonard: I'm not really a fan of Leonard's songs (or singing voice, for that matter), so I'll have to agree with your tour de force comment 8D

Francis: All his songs are SO off-key I usually avoid listening to them (Utakata no Opera being the worst of them). Melody-wise, tho, I like Balsamic Moon no Maryoku best.

Heuye: I don't like his singing voice that much, too, but I Wanna Try has a very good melody (also YAY for acoustic guitar) and i'ts kinda inspiring :)
Scapegoatscapegoat1989 on July 30th, 2009 03:27 am (UTC)
Not commenting on Neo Ange songs since I only know one of each character =p I have to say I love Nyx's Nemuru Mori no Hate, tho.

I also didn't take the duo/group songs into consideration, but Yume no Arika and Kibou no Hashi are my absolute favorites (Yume no Arika being my favorite Angelique song EVER. Actually one of my favorite anime songs of all times =p)
indigozeal: whymeindigozeal on July 30th, 2009 03:59 am (UTC)
Group songs!
Man, I forgot group songs! For original Ange, I'll go with "Kimi wa Hitori Ja Nai"; they actually fit all nine Guardians in quite well, and the chorus makes me all teary-eyed. I'm a big sap, apparently.

(It's "I wanna try"? Man, whenever I talk about Ange music, I discover that I've misheard some new bit of Engrish. Then again, I seem to have made up my own titles for half the songs on my list, so.)

I'm learning that there are a number of Marcel songs of which I have not heard. I'll also have to hunt down that "Gekkouyoku" remix.
Re: Group songs! - scapegoat1989 on July 30th, 2009 05:51 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: Group songs! - indigozeal on July 30th, 2009 06:27 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: Group songs! - scapegoat1989 on July 30th, 2009 07:09 am (UTC) (Expand)
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キミ: 遙か1 - 玄武; cafékimi_kuma on July 30th, 2009 05:01 am (UTC)
XD First thing's first, thanks for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second I want to clarify: "What do you feel is the best image song for each neoromance character?"
Do you mean like... what I feel best embodies the character? (or like... the songs I like best from each character.. XDDDDDD) It's a little different... uun.... *chews this over in her head*

Third... I'm probably complete opposite of you as I'm Haruka- Corda crazy T_______________T I do believe I've played enough Ange and am acquainted enough with Neo ange, but I seriously don't have many songs from either of them and most of what I've heard/seen is from the Neoroma events I own XDDDDDDDD (so if I do end up posting about Ange/Neo ange it will be based mostly on the limited stuff I have and what's my favorite.... > <;;;)

:D Just wanted to get that out of the way first. And now to comment on your submission~

"I like the songs that aren't just "I love you, babe" and focus on other aspects of the characters."

"I don't like Oscar, but he has some good songs."
Agreed XD

"Face Faith of Love"
LOLLL I can NEVER get that out of my head when he's singing it... (HOW DO YOU GET FAITH OUT OF THAT???)

"Roche's seiyuu isn't a bad singer, but his voice isn't strong enough to own his songs."
That's probably true... but omg he's so cute live XD
indigozeal: prettyindigozeal on July 30th, 2009 06:33 am (UTC)
Do you mean like... what I feel best embodies the character? (or like... the songs I like best from each character.. XDDDDDD) It's a little different...

Hi! More the former, but whatever really you feel defines or encompasses "best". I myself was going for "highest-quality song". (I understand about "favorite" vs. "best" - "Faith of Love", as stated above, is my favorite Arios song, but claiming it's the best isn't going to get me anywhere but committed.)

And, please, go ahead and post on Haruka & Corda, if you feel like it.
Bara no Neko: Question? (Shimizu)baranoneko on July 30th, 2009 06:13 am (UTC)
I'll bite, but only for a few:

Marcel: DING DONG Kimi wo Suki ni Naru (Etoile) is probably my favorite Marcel song of all time. It's cute, it's bouncy, and if you listen to it on endless repeat while drifting in and out of consciousness it makes for a very trippy rain ride. Don't ask.

Zephel: I actually really like "Don't Be Afraid!" (his song from Etoile). I think it fits him a lot more than his earlier songs, which tended to try too hard. I don't know what they were trying to do, but whatever it was they were trying TOO HARD.

Randy: Kimi wo Tame ni Koko ni Iru I love for the lyrics and general feel of the song. Most of the Twin Collection songs are fantastic, so it's hard not to love them.

Arios: I really don't think there's a doubt Tempest was the best.

Timka: "Esperanto~Far too long a title for me to transcribe into romaji at this time of night." This I'm mainly attached to due to the live performance and it's slightly off-key moments. Plus it's fun to make grand gestures while singing "ESPERAAAAAATA~"

A couple of preferences from Haruka...

Inori: Takahashi Naozumi has too many good songs. But I think the Hachiyoushou song "Honoo no Namida de Nakijakure" or "Nijiiro Kaina" are my favorites. Oh, but Taiyou no Senaka...darnit.

Shimon: Mille-feuille Dream. So. Cute.

Actually, overall I like most of the Hachiyoushou songs the best. Corda is more tricky, and I don't have the brain for it now. But thanks for this trip down memory lane, since I haven't listened to older image songs in quite awhile.

Edited at 2009-07-30 06:13 am (UTC)
beldariusbeldarius on July 30th, 2009 10:42 am (UTC)
Now for Haruka...

Yorihisa - "Anata to iu Yoake". :/ It's badass and makes me imagine battlefield scenes.
Yoritada - his only song is "Fuusou no Kouya", which isn't as good as the one above. It's still awesome.
Masaomi - "Gyakufuu no Toki ni Hitori", hands down. It's beautiful.
Hiiragi - yes, he actually has a song. And it's pretty good, IMHO. It's called "Aruru Shimobe no Karei naru Yuetsu". I keep imagining a younger Hiiragi leaning on a sword in a battlefield among fallen enemies, while watching a blood-red sunset. :/
Overall his best song is "Aruru Shimobe no Karei naru Yuetsu". It's just really badass, cool and makes me imagine... Shinichiro Miki isn't exactly a good singer to begin with, but srsly... that song... it beats several good singers any day! AND THE INSTRUMENTAL. GAH.

Shimon - "Shiawase no Tenki Yohou". I love it.
Akifumi - "Yoiyami to Akikazeno Takimonoawase wo". Oh great, I'm crying. ;___;
Benkei - "Reirou naru Kakugo yo". Aagh, so pretty.
Nagi - "Kodokuna Machi wa Monochrome". He has a new song, but that one's not as good.
Overall his best is either "Reirou naru Kakugo yo" or "Kodokuna Machi wa Monochrome". I can't really decide. I used to think Miyata's singing was terrible. ...That was before I discovered his Haruka songs.

Eisen - "Hakanasa to Tsuyosa no aida de...". ...It's soothing and beautiful, but isn't bland like "Shikisai no Shizuku".
Motomi - "Saiu no Yurikago". It was the first live Haruka song I saw Hoshi perform (in a Youtube video) and it's had a special place in my heart ever since.
Atsumori - "Hikari to Yami no Hangeshou wa". Out of his three Atsumori songs, he sings the best in this one.
Futsuhiko - I... don't really like any of them...
Overall his best is "Saiu no Yurikago". I couldn't pick any other song... due to the aforementioned live performance...

Inori - "Nijiiro.Kaina". It's so happy that I can't help but smile every time I hear it! XD I also love "Houkiboshi no Yubikiri" because it sounds like a professional song.
Isato - "Soshite Omae ni Deaeta dake de...". It's AMAZING.
Hinoe - Obviously "Koyoi, Koakuma ni Nare". >:l
Tooya - ...Oh dear god. Don't get me started on him, "Morikago Mizuiro Seireika" makes my heart break. ;____;
And overall the best is "Morikago Mizuiro Seireika". I adore it so much it's not even funny. I've never heard a prettier ballad. I also love the ethereal quality they gave to his voice. It sounds as if he has a duet with wind...

Takamichi - "Kazemachizuki ni Fuku Kaze wa". It's brilliant.
Yukitaka - "Soushitsu no Mosaic". ...But honestly neither of the Yukitaka songs is that good...
Yuzuru - "Akogare no Prism wa Nanairo".
Oshihito - "Hoshi wa Setsuna no Kuon".
Overall the best one is, without doubt, "Hoshi wa Setsuna no Kuon". ...Not a terribly good singer here, either... ._.' At least his voice is so charismatic that it distracts you from the quality.

Tomomasa - "Utsusemi no Koi". It has a very nice, traditional Japanese quality to it and he sings well in it. I also love "Utsukushiki Mujun wo Idaku Mono yo".
Hisui - I didn't keep any of his songs... so I apparently didn't like them.
Kagetoki - I like all of them, but "Doukemono no Kanashiki Uso wa" is my favorite. The usage of his higher-pitched voice in the beginning always cracks me up. XD
Kazahaya - "Kaisou no Kusahara wa Kiniro".
And overall the best is "Kaisou no Kusahara wa Kiniro". I swear it's awesome. ...I can't believe I used to hate his singing... -_-'

Yasuaki - Obviously his only song. "Kageri no Fuuin". I like the regular version more than the Hachiyou Sho -one. ._.' I once tried to sing along and deepened my voice so much that I lost it (the voice) for a few days. XD
Yasutsugu - "Kanata e" is not a song, but it's friggin awesome. I love Ishitan's voice, he's my top second favorite seiyuu along with Daisuke Hirakawa.
And obviously the overall best is "Kageri no Fuuin" since "Kanata e" is no song. ._.'
beldariusbeldarius on July 30th, 2009 10:42 am (UTC)
Tenma - "Doshaburi LONELY HEART".
Katsuzane - "Hatsu Arashi no Memai wo Omae to".
Kurou - "Omae to iu Hidamari".
Sazaki - "Manten no Hoshi wa Takara Chizu".
...I'm not even gonna answer this. I love all his songs and can't decide for the life of me. But if I had to choose, I would say "Manten no Hoshi wa Takara Chizu" is his absolute best. He and Takeshi Kusao are... my top favorite singing seiyuu...

Akuram - "Utsukushiki Hametsu e no Gaika". That's one of Okiayu's better songs, period.
Hakuryuu - "Tenkyuu no Hate ni".
Kokuryuu - "Yukuharu no Kokoro wa Kokuyouseki ni" is his only song and it's pretty awesome.
Nasatya - So far "Sajin no Shiro ni Tatsu" is his only one.
And overall the best is "Utsukushiki Hametsu e no Gaika".

Suefumi - he never really sung, only talked in the group song. ._.'

Tomomori - "Shura yo Akakeshi no Utage to Nare" is his only one.
Shirogane - And "Ichirin no Shirokeko no Zange" is his.
...He's a horrible singer. I still kept his songs because I love his voice so much. And I have to say Shirogane's song is better... it appears to be harder to sing with a deeper voice. :/ He has a terribly nasal quality to his voice when he sings... augh.

Yasuhira - "Meimoku no Shiroki Zanzou".
Michiomi - "Getsumei no Utsushi e wa Yawarakaku" is his only one.
And overall the best is "Meimoku no Shiroki Zanzou".

Koremori - his solo song "Oubai wa Homura no Chou ni" isn't really that good, but he sings well in "Choumon no Sai yo Tenkuu ni Korogare".

Tsunemasa - he only has two duets. :/ Of which "Choumon no Sai yo Tenkuu ni Korogare" is the better one.

Shirin - "Hyouen no Bara no Fukou" is her only one.
Masako Houjou - And "Tenrou wo Idaku Yozora tonari de" is hers.
The best one of these two is "Hyouen no Bara no Fukou".

Sefuru - "His" duet with Ran, "Flowin' ~Ukigumo~" is pretty good.
Kazuhito - I love both "Totsukitouka no Yami wa Mujou ka" and "Shounyuudou no Samayoibito". I heard the latter song first and it proved Yuu Asakawa's singing abilities to me. But overall the first one is better. My first view of her singing wasn't very positive... I saw her singing live and the performance was terrible. But now? Oh wow.
Phantom - "Omoide wa Toki no Kesshou" is "his" only one. :/ I have no idea why this song makes me think of a female version of Leonard... X'D Maybe it's the way she sings?
And the best song of these? "Totsukitouka no Yami wa Mujou ka".

Saku - "Asebi no Hanagensou" is her only one... and it's not even the best Kuwashima can dish out...

Hakuryuu (chibi) - "Mezame no Tazunebito" is SO CUTE. <3 I wish Ootani sang more...

Karigane - he's one of my favorite Haruka 4 characters and his song "Kaze wo Himeta Tsubasa" didn't disappoint me.

Eka - I love his song "Doukutsu ni Junkou no Hitomi" a lot. He is a very good singer.

Well... I have to say my top favorite duet is "Akigeshou no Kokoro no Hanamori ni" by Hakuryuu and Yuzuru.

As for these, absolutely NOTHING can beat "Eien no Sakura Fubuki wo Anata ni". NOTHING.

...And overall my favorite singers among Haruka seiyuu are Tomokazu Seki, Souichiro Hoshi and Naozumi Takahashi. I have over 80 solo songs from Seki, nearly 50 from Hoshi and a bit over 20 from Nao. Mitsuko Horie is an amazing singer and I really hope she pops up in Neoroma one day.

And off to listen to "Back on the Rocks" by Nobuyuki Hiyama Takeshi Nakazato, read Initial D and watch Tales of Eternia. 8D
(no subject) - beldarius on August 26th, 2009 04:08 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Sableblanc -Im Auftrag von- Klavier: ahahasableblanc on August 1st, 2009 08:57 pm (UTC)
Late~ Oh well, I'll make this quick & to-the-point so you won't have to suffer a long, /outdated/, nonsensical reply~~

I remember a poignant song called 'Lullaby' which has great potential... you might remember it as the song that was released as an instrumental
without the lyrics being sung *sniff* Anything by Tanaka-san is easy on the ears but seems to lack an adequate amount of that 'Clavis-y' element like you said (although Sennen no Yakusoku does at least manage to touch a chord somewhere). As it is I'm on the same camp as most everyone. Ai no Nemuru Basho being THE Clavis song~ at least, until I actually find the song titled 'Clavis' to make a more educated decision *rofl*

Julious, Julious~ for someone whose speaking voice roughly means the A-bomb for a lot of non-romantics, a '100% best-fit' strangely does not come to mind here... *hears people screaming 'NaNI?!' in the background* Ahaha... of course, this is probably a good thing~ All the more reason to
appreciate the "OOC" "French" "Julious-with-shirt-undone" interesting influences in the discography *rofl* Anything with titles starting with "Hikari no---" is genius, seriously, and in the top ten of my Ange playlist. All this doesn't answer your question, unfortunately.

I'll just end this with some random comments:
-"Kokoro ni Kakeru Niji" is Marcel's song in the Twin Collection. It's actually a nice song, tho' at times it randomly gets labeled it as "The song where Chupi runs away from home" XD
-The idea of Leonard emulating Sephiroth (although true) may be a cause of concern~ Because there is always a chance of Francis being a fan of
poetry-loving Gackt-wannabe drama-queen Genesis.
indigozeal: prettyindigozeal on August 3rd, 2009 02:19 am (UTC)
t's actually a nice song, tho' at times it randomly gets labeled it as "The song where Chupi runs away from home" XD

And here, from the video, I'd always had it pegged as "the song where Chupi makes out with that Indian chick".
(no subject) - sableblanc on August 3rd, 2009 05:18 pm (UTC) (Expand)
beldariusbeldarius on August 26th, 2009 08:55 pm (UTC)
And here we go with Corda.

Len Tsukimori - I've never really liked Kishou Taniyama's singing that much due to his creepy vibrato. ._.' Besides, he looks freaky in real life. But... I think my favorite Tsukimori song is either "FLAME", "Tsuki no Kakera" or "TEAR".

Ryotaro Tsuchiura - Definitely "Komorebi". That is Kentarou Itou's best song, PERIOD. It causes me to squeal out loud when I hear it. <3 Mitsumete kuru~

Kazuki Hihara - "if". I love it. ;___; Masakazu Morita's actually gotten better at singing.

Keiichi Shimizu - "Anata no Kodou (Rhythm)". FukuJun is a pretty awful singer, but some of his songs are cute.

Azuma Yunoki - "To be continued…". The song reminds me of a very good boyband, maybe even Arashi or NEWS. 8D

Aoi Kaji - I like all of them, but my favorite is "You're in My Heart". Mamoru Miyano's singing talent is in its full glory. His singing makes him sound nearly exactly like Junichi Kanemaru! O___o;;

Kiriya Etou - I love both of his songs. *____* I really hope Satoshi Hino sings more. He's totally, extremely good at singing. His singing sounds a lot like Shoutaro Morikubo! O__O WTF And his deep speaking voice makes him sound like Ryotaro Okiayu. XD

Shoko Fuyumi - I didn't keep her song because I didn't like her high-pitched voice. ._.'

Nami Amo - "Walking Together" is her only one, but Yuki Masuda can sing better than that. :/

Shinobu Ousaki - "Liebe ~Shinainaru Kimi ni~".

Hiroto Kanazawa - "That's the life" or "VOYAGE". <3

Akihiko Kira - I don't actually like his songs a lot. ._. But his best one is "REFLEX ~Kyouzou no Inritsu~".

Duet - "December Dream" of Kaji and Ousaki's (Mamoru Miyano and Katsuyuki Konishi). <3

Group song - "Hallelujah".
(Anonymous) on December 14th, 2010 11:37 am (UTC)
Beldarius here, yo~
Anyway, I've downloaded all new Corda 3 songs.

...Don't get me started on Leiji. His songs are Satoshi Hino's best, without a doubt. Especially "Zetsubo no Banka". It's so epic it makes my brain freeze.

Same with Hideo Ishikawa's (forgot character) "Absinthe -Mugen-". Honestly, if he has ever sung anything better I'm going to die. o_____o;
btamamura: Akabane_squeebtamamura on October 23rd, 2009 06:44 am (UTC)
As I mainly focus on certain characters when moving a Neoroma playlist onto my mp3 player, I shall tell you my faves from them:

Lumiale: I find myself favourable of Kohakuiro no Gogo. It's a cute song to listen to, and it puts me in a good mood.
Luva: Saudade is my favourite Luva song, also one to lift my spirits.
Marcel: DING DONG! Kimi wo Suki ni Naru, it's full of energy and fills me with it when I hear it.
Olivie: Jealousy de Nemurenai has been played the most out of my Olivie songs.
Sei-Lan: Hmm...hard to decide, but I do like illusion ~Maboroshi no Chou~ from Twin Collection.
Mel: Like Olivie, I tend to play one of Mel's songs the most, Kimi ga Ippai.
Duets: I Wish -Eien no Tsubomi- is a pleasant duet between Lumiale and Marcel, and I love the lyrics! I also find the "catwalk" music from Mugen no Yoru ni Kagi wo Karete charming (though the lyrics surprised me for that one! XD) as it seemed to work for the duet between Olivie and Charlie.
Group songs: I LOVE Kimi wa Hitori Janai and Ashita o Hiraku Mono-tachi ~FRONTIER~, I'm a sucker for songs in which they all gather together and sing.

Eisen: Hakanasa to Tsuyosa no Aida de... from Hachiyo Sho, it's a sweet song about his feelings for Akane.
Yasuaki: Kageri no Fuuin ~Hachiyo Sho version~ also from Hachiyo Sho. I prefer this version as it suits Yasuaki more, while the original sounds more like a club-mix...
Duets: I am very fond of the sweet Hakuryuu duet from Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3, Unmei no Kodou yo. Otani Ikue and Okiayu Ryoutarou sound great together!
Group songs: Again, I am an absolute sucker for songs in which they all gather together and sing. That being said, I favour Harukanaru Toki wo Koete the most (that song introduced me to the series, it's important to me) due to the Yasuaki and Tenma duet and the second chorus being performed by the Seiryuu and Genbu Hachiyo.

Tsuchiura: ANOTHER REVOLUTION wins hands-down in my opinion, though I'm also fond of Believe.
Duets: W-BREEZE by Tsuchiura and Hihara, I love that song! I've enjoyed The Entertainer for years, and I love hearing the excerpt played on piano and trumpet.
Group songs: Again, everyone together rules my world. I prefer Kimi ni Sasageru Harmony though, it's a fun song to sing to, full of energy and life. I'm also fond of Asu e no Melody performed by the trio of Tsukimori, Tsuchiura and Shimizu. They sound pleasant together IMHO.

I have yet to hear more Neo Angelique songs, so I can't really comment. Though, I will say Yamaguchi Kappei sings wonderfully for Urei no Shiro, one of Rene's songs. I have a hard time recognising him as I'm so used to him singing louder and with more energy when he does songs for One Piece.

beldariusbeldarius on July 15th, 2011 08:18 pm (UTC)
Noticed this only now. It's kind of odd that we both have the same favorites for Lumi, Marcel and Eisen~ X''''''D
(no subject) - btamamura on July 16th, 2011 03:45 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - beldarius on July 16th, 2011 09:49 pm (UTC) (Expand)
indigozealindigozeal on October 16th, 2011 03:45 am (UTC)
beldarius is updating her choices, so I will, too
Julious: My affection/slack-jawed awe at "Byakuya" is undiminished, but I'm increasingly impressed with "Soleil Levant" as a strong, encouraging song that defines Julious as the Guardian of Light. It has rhythm yet is also fiercely proud and yet is also warm and parentally reassuring, which is an impressive balancing act.

Olivie: I've heard "Jealousy de Nemurenai" now. I'm sticking with "Gold Rush," but I can see why "Jealousy"'s so loved - it's really catchy and easy to move to.

Marcel: "Hoshi to Tsuki no Bouquet" is childish and simple but a darling little song of uncomplicated love. (Love Collection is really perhaps the best Ange song collection; almost every track is a classic.)

Zephel: I'm tempted to say "Goin' My Speedway" here, but I almost don't wanna; it has great rhythm and momentum and is a joyful listen but isn't a good showcase for Zephel's voice, and it's too close to conventional J-pop for a Guardian whose other songs are all unconventional in some way. It is, however, the Zephel song I enjoy most by far - it's so stupidly fun.

Arios: And some days, I wanna say that "Destiny" has usurped "Faith of Love."

Ernst: I'd put the simple but dynamic and heartfelt "Love is pain" in Ernst's upper echelon now, perhaps tied with "Answer."

Sei-Lan: Just wanted to say that I heard the simple, strummy "Ichiban Mijikai Ai no Uta" and was so impressed by it! Who would think that one of the most earnest and unadorned expressions of love would come from Sei-Lan, of all people?! (That said, I still think that "Secret Dream" is more in-character for him. Still have not heard the celebrated ")

Francis: To repeat my impertinent comments from the translation, "Urei no Kaen" is the best of what I've heard but still not great.

Rayne: I own My First Lady now, and I'm really impressed with how nimble Takahashi's voice is on "Crazy Beat." I'm also impressed with the unique style of the song, a sort of big band-rock-musical number.

Nyx: Nope, still haven't heard anything better than "Home Sweetest Home," but I'm bowled over by how they waste the seiyuu's voice. He has this satisfying richness in the twisty, intricate turns, and yet they saddle him with droning, monotonous fare ("Hidamari no Prelude," "Nemureru Mori no Hate").

J.D.: Protracted listens prove my teeth-rotting assessment of "Sweets no Mahou" entirely correct. "Kimi ga Iru Kono Mune no Rakuen," though, is utterly (and, given J.D.'s nature, uniquely) heartbreaking. I almost hope he has a better song somewhere, for it seems wrong for such a sunny and happy fellow's best tune to be a tearjerker.

Bernard: "Happy Date" seems light and inconsequential at first listen but sticks with you in its classy breeziness. Pity that the lyrics are creepy at certain points.

Rene: Man, "Urei no Shiro" is a showstopper, isn't it.
beldariusbeldarius on February 3rd, 2015 06:21 pm (UTC)
I've listened to all the new Corda 3 songs now, and let's just say Satoshi Hino has cemented himself as one of my favorite voice actors AND singers. ...I will completely update my Corda list right here~

Len Tsukimori - "LIGHT OF MY EYES" (despite the hilarious Engrish). I also love "TEAR". ...These two songs nearly give me heart attacks.
Chiaki Tohgane - "MAKE U MINE".
My overall favorite is still "LIGHT OF MY EYES". ...In my opinion Taniyama sings better in Uta no Prince-sama and Kuroko no Basket ("Jibun no ibasho dekita~ Any time, any place~!").

Ryotaro Tsuchiura - "RIGHT BEHIND YOU", though "Komorebi" still ranks high on my list.
Yukihiro Yagisawa - "YAGISAWA Sings WINGS TO FLY".
Overall, I absolutely LOVE "YAGISAWA Sings WINGS TO FLY". I have a thing for Itou's soft voices and I couldn't stop smiling each time Yagisawa said something in the anime.

Kazuki Hihara - "if". That song was a foretaste of how much his singing would evolve in the following years.
Shiro Hozumi - "Kinsenka", goddangit. I didn't think he could sing in his deep voice, and quite so spectacularly.
I LOVE "KINSENKA". DFKSHFSDL ...As for other series? Try listening to "No Farewell" from Tiger & Bunny. "Aisareta hibi kakegaenai nukumori de~ Ima mo boku wa mamorareteiru~ Aruite yukou osoreru koto wa nai~ Mune ni zutto kanjite My Dears" And then there's that flag song from the One Piece Premier Show...

Keiichi Shimizu - "Anata no Kodou (Rhythm)". This song is decent, though Shimizu's songs were pretty subpar for the most part.
Kyoya Kisaragi - "Hoshi no Kakera". For some reason FukuJun sings better in his deep voice. What the heel?
"Hoshi no Kakera" is the best here, without a doubt.

Azuma Yunoki - "To be continued…". The song reminds me of a very good boyband, maybe even Arashi or NEWS. XD
Arata Mizushima - "TE AMO! TE AMO! by Hyper Lucky Man". I actually love all of Arata's songs. XD They're so bright and cheerful and omfg.
My favorites are easily all of Arata's songs. ...Daisuke Kishio isn't one of my favorite voice actors, but I love how good he's gotten at singing recently (plus I love his range - he played Logan and Roberto in Suikoden Tierkreis. i.e. A MIDDLE-AGED INNKEEPER AND A YOUNG TSUNDERE KNIGHT. And he made Baalmon/Beelzemon sound so hot in Digimon Xros Wars~).

Aoi Kaji - my favorite is still "You're in My Heart". It showcases Mamo's singing skills really well, he nearly goes opera level in the chorus.
Sei Amamiya - "Bare no Kiseki".
...I can't decide! They're both so good. ._. (I didn't use to be a Mamo fan until I saw Rin in Free and Tokiya in Uta no Prince-sama. GODDANGIT MAMO.)

Kiriya Etou - "Summer Impression"! Though I really like "MOVE" and "I CAN MAKE IT", too~
Leiji Myoga - I LOVE ALL OF THEM. OH. MY. GOD. THAT VOICE. (So different from Etou!)
I'm not going to choose. They're all my favorites (he even has my favorite solo version of "WINGS TO FLY"... I'm hoping I can find "Lila Lavandula Lila" soon). ...This man is why I want Haikyuu character songs. I want a Daichi song so bad! ._. My favorite Hinocchi songs overall are "After Season" from Amnesia, "Age of Aquarius" from Prince of Tennis, "Emotion" from Tokimeki Restaurant (especially this, it's sexy) and "Everything I Want" and "Nothing Was Lost" from Hakkenden.

Shoko Fuyuumi - I didn't keep her solo song, I never really liked moe voices that much.
beldariusbeldarius on February 3rd, 2015 06:21 pm (UTC)
Nami Amou - "Walking Together" is her only one, but I found it a bit subpar.
Sousuke Nanami - "OCEAN ~Nanatsu no Umi o Koete~" is INCREDIBLE.
I mean, holy CRAP. Sousuke's song is easily the best song Yuki Masuda's EVER done. o__o; It completely makes me forget Sousuke's voice is a woman, and just find him a very charming boy. I'd let him bring me over the seven seas in a heartbeat. (Also, imagine what he will look like as an adult. ...omg)

Shinobu Ousaki - "Liebe ~Shinainaru Kimi ni~".
Ritsu Kisaragi - "RITSU Sings WINGS TO FLY".
...I think "Liebe ~Shinainaru Kimi ni~" is better. Somehow his songs as Ritsu sound way too serious (I usually prefer his "nice guy next door" voices to his serious ones... unless it's Hisagi from Bleach since Hisagi is awesome).

Hiroto Kanazawa - "Core'ngrato", "Music Bless You ~Ongaku no Shukufuku o~" and "La Benedizione della Musica" (dat opera voice... he actually sounds like a tenor! Plus he now has TWO songs completely in Italian!).
Housei Toki - "Absinthe -Mugen-" and "Koi Hotaru".
I really can't decide between "Absinthe" and "Koi Hotaru". Dude, all his songs are great.

Akihiko Kira - ...I don't actually like either of his songs. ._.
Daichi Sakaki - I like all of them. XD I have no idea what happened to his skills, but he can suddenly sing. Maybe it's easier to stay in-character as Daichi?
Out of everything, my favorite is "May Be True". Has anyone else noticed that his voice resembles Takehito Koyasu when he sings?

Haruto Mizushima - "Yuu Kana Yakusoku" and "Green Forest Green" are her only ones, and I don't think either are really quite that good... they're kind of boring.

Takafumi Hido - I don't think he has any yet.
...I'm still amused at Yuki Masuda calling him "Hidoi-senpai" by accident in a tokuten track.

Kouhei Iori - duet with Hiroshi Okamoto (Kanou) is really fun~

Wataru Kanou - duet with Keiichiro Yamamoto (Iori). I just honestly love it. "Oh Seishun Everyday~"

Mutsumi Serizawa - "Escort" and "Rosy Rosa Rosy" are his only ones... I'm kind of so-and-so on them. He sings far better as Sousuke in Free (I actually bought that album).

Shouma Fudou - oh god. I adore Shouma and Yousuke's duet~

Yousuke Fudou - yup, the brothers' duet "Kimi-iro no Collage" is just CUTE.
Masanori Nagamine - "Green Forest Green". I really like this one~ I hope he gets more songs to sing in the future.

Corda 1 and 2 - "Bouquet ~Hohoemi no Hanataba~" (Fuyuumi and Amou), "Kimi-iro no Collage" (Fudou brothers), "Yuujou Scrum" (Hihara and Yunoki), "December Dream" (Kaji and Ousaki) and "URBAN METHOD" (Kira and Etou).
Corda 3 - "DUAL VOLTAGE" (Tohgane and Toki) and "Seishun Everyday" (Iori and Kanou).

Corda 1 and 2 - "Hallelujah".
Corda 3 - "Ambitious ~Seiun no Kokoro de~", "Green Forest Green", "WINGS TO FLY", all versions of "Andante" (especially Amane - Hino, Mamo and Masuda's voices work the best together) and all versions of "BLUE SKY BLUE" (and once again, Amane is my favorite). I still need "Lila Lavandula Lila" (I have high expectations of this since Hino is in it).