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02 January 2019 @ 01:38 am
They made it quite awhile ago. But I forgot to share it here.

So ... here is the link for La Corda D'oro's Discord server: https://discord.gg/EWwRKsg

Mostly we talk about the newest arc of Corda manga (that's also the reason why they make this discord group) but there're also other section to talk other stuff related to corda. Since MNR forum cant be access anymore, it might be a good opportunity to join this group.

Finding a fellow Corda fans is quite hard now. T_T
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22 September 2018 @ 06:50 am

I wrote a report for the La Corda d'Oro 15th Anniversary event held on 2018.09.16 at Pacifico Yokohama~ Please read over here on my journal if you're interested.

Also, just want to bump some event announcements they made that day in case any of you are in Japan.

2018.10.27 Neoromance Season Party Halloween (Horiuchi Kenyuu, Hoshi Souichirou, Hiroki Takahashi)

2018.11.17-18 Haruka 3 & Angelique Reading with Instrumentals 

2018.12.24 (I think) Neoromance Xmas (doesn't have a webpage yet)

14 August 2017 @ 05:08 pm
Hi, I'm new here so you're not insane if you haven't seen me before around here. But I'm not new to NeoRomance games. My name is Emma, but it is fine to call me 'ning', the second half of my decade-old webname 'emmaning'.
My favourite character is not Jet but I just really like this picture of Jet so made an icon out of it... (probably not the first)
Anyway, I managed to get my hands on a Neo Angelique memory card. I found it on eBay for about 60 Euro, new and sealed. It's 8mB for PlayStation2, officially licensed by Sony and made by Hori. Just pleased to get my hands on this after it was so hard to find! And it came with some cool memory card stickers... (that I prefer as little collectable cards)
I'm sorry for the low quality pictures (I'll retake them if anyone wants me to) but they were kinda rushed. And I also apologize if they refuse to show. But logging into an account for some reason seems to make them appear. Unless it's something else crazy going on...

My slim PlayStation2 (NTSC-J SCPH-7000) has taken the memory card as its own. But it will probably work on the PAL one to its right (SCPH-39003 and Made In Japan) too, even though I haven't tested it. The slim ones really are tiny!

The Neo Angelique memory card next to an ordinary Ocean Blue memory card for color comparison. As you can see, the classic Ocean Blue is just a touch darker than the memory card in question. I like how the game cover is printed into a little indent in my Neo Angelique one! It's so detailed and works nicely in my console.
Some shots of the memory card stickers that came with... (this is getting repettitive)
And the Aube Hunter guys. Hyuga, Jade, Nyx, Rayne.
So there we have it, a completely unproductive post... and who is to blame for this useless dribble? Of course, I am! But I hope some of you found this useful/entertaining/nice/worthwhile/etc.
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Hello everyone!
After 4 years trying to ripp this dvd, now I understand how to do it and finally can share with you. The link is on mega (contains 4 file and it's around 3gb). There're two disc (7th and 8th September 2013). I put the list of songs on spoiler below. If you want the files, please give me your e-mail address that you use for mega account on comment. I'll invite you so you can view the files.

<Disc1 ~Estate & Autunno~>
1.オープニング(Estate ver.)
3.ハッピーバースディコーナー(Estate ver.)
4.ドラマ「100 万人の金色のコルダ ~アトラクティヴ・セッション~」
5.「金色のコルダ3」ミニドラマ ~星奏学院編~
6.「Waterside Harmony」
8.バラエティコーナー「金色のコルダ 10th メモリアルクイズ」(Estate ver.)
14.エンディング(Estate ver.)
15.アンコール(Estate ver.)
16.ドラマ「金色のコルダ2 f~星空トリオ~」
17.「金色のコルダ3」ミニドラマ ~至誠館編~
18.バラエティコーナー導入ドラマ「華麗にTip-Top Shape、勝負はBlack&White」
21.「Clockwork Town」
23.「That's the life」
<Disc2 ~Inverno & Primavera~>

1.オープニング(Primavera ver.)
3.ハッピーバースディコーナー(Primavera ver.)
5.「金色のコルダ3」ミニドラマ ~神南編~
6.「Heart Killer」
8.バラエティコーナー「金色のコルダ 10th メモリアルクイズ」(Primavera ver.)
12.エンディング(Primavera ver.)
14.アンコール(Primavera ver.)
15.ダブルアンコール「BLUE SKY BLUE」
16.終演ナレーション + スタッフロール(Primavera ver.)
17.ドラマ「金色のコルダ2 f アンコール~夢の先にある夢~」
18.「金色のコルダ3」ミニドラマ ~天音学園編~
21.「Walking together」
23.「My word~約束~」
02 July 2017 @ 10:31 pm
The character profiles have finally been added to the game's site here.

The new kid is called Camille, and his profile explicitly states that he "somehow resembles the heroine", i.e. Angelique.

"A sociable, friendly and childlike boy. New things, fun things and interesting things are his weakness. He met Angelique by chance in the city, but somehow he looks like her."

His voice actor is Daiki Yamashita, the guy who played Onoda in Yowamushi Pedal, Izuku in Boku no Hero Academia, Takuma Seto in Ace of Diamond and Shion in Uta no Prince-sama. The latter two are some of his deeper-voiced roles.
16 June 2017 @ 10:13 pm
Hey! I've been scouring the internet for la corda music files and I'm facing a lot of challenges because a lot of links are dead and some users that seem to have some links had faded away for almost 6 years T_T... does anyone still have stuff? I have this list, which I'm still updating (right now I'm finishing La corda 1 & 2, I'm working my way up to La corda 4) https://www.dropbox.com/s/uebd4c66md0r0cq/La%20corda%20discography.xlsx?dl=0

Please contact me if you can help! I want to re-upload a huge list for everyone to get a piece :) aquazula@outlook.com
31 May 2017 @ 07:17 pm
Not sure if anyone's been keeping up with it... But that Neo Angelique sequel that was discretely announced last year is a collaboration with Otomate. The website is here. There's an eight-page spread about the collaboration in July's issue of B's Log that was released earlier this month on the 20th. I'm not really a translator, so I can't translate the information from the magazine or what's on the website. (Sorry!!)
06 October 2016 @ 05:13 pm
Hi all! I'm selling some Neoromance goods (along with some other stuff outside this fandom). They might be some old stuff, but I believe they're valuable, especially for collectors! Hope to find a new home for those babies!

(follow this face cut to my LJ)

Thank you for looking! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! <(_ _)>

Koei Tecmo today announced Musou Stars, a Dynasty Warriors-style game featuring popular characters from across all the company's franchises - Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, Kasumi from Dead or Alive, etc. Among the first seven characters announced was Hajime Arima from Haruka 6.

Angelique is not currently as thriving a franchise as Haruka, true. However: Dynasty Warriors games have utterly huge rosters (Wikipedia notes that the eighth installment boasts 83 playable characters), and...well, they're announcing a neoroma character right out of the gate, as one of the flagship charas. That's a strong sign Koei isn't gonna shy away from taking PCs from their dating sims.

So: There's an excellent chance that at least one Angelique character's going to make it into Musou Stars. Frankly, I'd put Oscar as a 1:1 bet at this point: he's the most popular Ange character in Japan; he's voiced by a venerable seiyuu who's been very active in promoting the Ange franchise; and he has an established history of swinging a sword around.

(Arios might be a good runner-up candidate, as Japan's other most popular Ange character who also is armed with a blade, but he has a strike against him in that he hasn't been in a recent game. (Maren, a four-year-old Otomate joint, doesn't count.) Rayne might also be a possibility, given that a new Neo Ange is supposed to be on its way, but that depends on how dedicated Koei is to promoting a game they're not publishing, which, so far, has been "not very.")

Another thing to consider: The modern Dynasty Warriors games have the option for English voices. If this bears fruit, then an Angelique character might for the first time be getting an official English voice.

Anyhow: this is all pie in the sky at this point. But I ask: which characters do you think might be in the game, and which characters do you want to be in the game? (I know the answer to the latter is "everyone," so let's go with "most want to be in the game.")

I used to post here ages ago. It is good to know the community is still here! I have been having a major Angelique Renaissance since re-watching the Neo Angelique anime in February and, much to my delight, finally getting to play an Angelique game with Retour. I've been fangirling it all alone to fervent fanfiction writing levels since March... I'm glad to find somewhere a bit active to talk about it.

Now I would really love to play some of the older games. I just bought the PC version of Etoile, and hopefully I can get to work on an old laptop. I imagine I should be able to attempt Neo Angelique and Maren when I get a PSP. (Are PSPs regionally locked? I am assuming that I should get a Japanese version.) What about Trois, Special 2 and Requiem? Is there any way to play them without buying old Japanese consoles and trying to get them to work with newer US TVs? I saw Requiem on a kind of sketchy website as being downloadable, but I didn't get it to work.

On Retour... I have a lot to say and am not sure where to start. lol. I will happily post a synopsis of Brian's parts, for those who can't play Retour, if there is any interest. It has its issues, but I kind of love his story. I wish I knew when his birthday is! It is a silly thing, but I like to know this stuff!

The most important (for my fanfic, anyway) question is... Is there ever mentioned anywhere just how much time passes on the continent in relation to the flying city? There is rather contradictory information. Brian says more than once, IIRC, that it has been decades... and there is a scene that indicates that is the case, but the priest doesn't age that much. He just goes from about 8 to perhaps 18 or so when I got the game to last over 100 days or so. I assumed that the priest has power like a Guardian's, which is why he ages minimally, but uncertain timelines bug me when writing anything.
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