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30 July 2016 @ 02:24 am
Your favorite Angelique songs?  
I was just going through this journal from 2009 and realized I have to update my list. XD So I figured I could start a new topic, ask the same (well, similar) question and breathe some life into the comm for a moment~

What are your favorite songs from Angelique?

You can do each character and/or choose multiple songs if you want. ...So, without further ado, I'll begin with mine~

My favorite has been "Soleil Levant" for ages. ...I actually love comparing these to his Cyber Formula songs and his own stuff; "Blessing", "Rakuen", "Idee" and "Kodoku Dake na no ni" are still my favorites of them all. They're the most beautiful things I've ever heard~ ...I even transcribed the romaji lyrics to Blessing and Idee by ear. Also, Blessing actually sounds like a Julious song! Let me know if you want the full lyrics to this or Idee.

"Mada minu chihei yurashi / The yet unseen horizon sways
taiyou kara inochi umare / Life is born from the sun
shizen toiu kagayaku / This luster of nature
megumi wo uke tsuyoku arukidase / Blesses me so that I could walk strong"

Out of Shiozawa's, "Kokoro no Hyouga wo Koete". It sounds really soothing once he actually starts to sing. ...Why does he sound so much like Takumi Yamazaki... it's uncanny.
Out of Tanaka's, "Akari ni Naritai". Though I love the other three, too... it's honestly difficult to decide between them. (I'm a little biased since I've been a Saint Seiya fangirl for 10 years now.)

Heck, I love EVERYTHING Canna sings. Though I have a particular affinity for "Shiawase ni Narou", "EVER GREEN" and "Ashita, Habataku". ...Also, I discovered "Kono Te wo Hanasanai" thanks to Vocal Complete Box just now and... HOLY FURSCHNIZZLE. I wish he gets more character songs for Retour... I miss Randy's cute energy so much (he's becoming my favorite thanks to the manga I'm reading).

"Don't be afraid" is EASILY my favorite - it's energizing and he really sings well in it. (Granted, he sings a lot better in "Kiesaru Hito wa Utsukushii", from B-Voice's We Are Clover album. ...Though it's a little hilarious when he starts fake-crying. XD)

I've got a soft spot for "DING DONG ~Kimi wo Suki ni Naru~". It's quite catchy. (I kind of wish I had his songs from Cyber Formula... his character Henri is really cute, but also an utter jerk. Marcel would hate him.)

I adore "Kohakuiro no Gogo"... it just puts me in a really good mood each time I listen to it. Though "Shiawase no Tapestry" has a similar effect~ (I've always had the urge to sing along with the latter song, even before I understood a lick of Japanese.)

"Mikan no Serenade". I love how it's a little creepy. ...Somehow it seems to suit his Retour incarnation better than our original Olivie. XD

"Eien no RESERVATION" and "Resolution ~Zutto Hanasanai~". His best energetic song and ballad, respectively. ...He does ballads better in general, though there are some live events where he does REALLY well in the energetic ones. XD He might actually be one of those people who sing better live. (Also, to be honest, I love all of Oscar's songs.)

"Ichiba nite", "Flower Shower ~Sayonara no Hana~", "Yuukyuu no Monogatari", "Owaranai High Noon" and "Saudade ~Kyoushuu~". Yup, that many. I can't handle Toshihiko Seki's singing... he's apparently so good he has never sung a note off-tune in his life. Given how he sung "Seishun no Fireball" in 1990, I'm not surprised at all.

Tie between "Midnight Shuffle" and "Everyday Everynight". I love the swingy jazz of the first one, while the second one is just really catchy~ (Why are songs called "Everyday Everynight" always so good? I had a similar reaction to one of Youko Matsuoka's songs from Cyber Formula. ...I may not like her character much, but her songs are AMAZING. Why hasn't she sung more? Or Rikiya Koyama for that matter.)

"Balsamic Moon no Maryoku"... though that doesn't amount to much, considering Sugitan has never been good at singing. His songs from Haruhi might be his best ones so far. "Yappa akirameuuuugh... dame da korya" ...Granted, there's also his cover of "One Jump Ahead". IT'S PURE GOLD. XD He sings well, plus using his entire vocal range... "Oi mate, nani shiagaru, dorobou, hidoi wa!"

"Miagete Blue Sky". ...He's never been that good at singing, either. He usually sings better in a deeper voice for some reason (try comparing his higher-pitched songs to those from Ulquiorra or South Italy).

"ANSWER", "QUESTION", "Boukyaku he no Hommage" and "Silent Kiss" - IMHO his voice is at its strongest in "Silent Kiss", especially the chorus. ...Morimori's just an incredible singer to begin with. Heck, how many Japanese voice actors can sing "Love Me Tender" in perfect English? XD ...Now I wish Kyosuke gets a character song in Super Robot Wars...

"Kimi no Ai ga Kikoeru" is lovely and he actually sings well in it. ...Honestly, I think he's up there with Francis and Heuye among the worst singers... Btw, does anyone think Mel and Sei-Lan should have gotten each other's Sacrea? Sei-Lan feels more Dream than Green to me...

"Iruka no Asobu Hoshi ~Little Propose~" and "Isshou ni Ichido Onegai" are so incredibly cute! His voice resembles Yuji Ueda in the latter song... I actually dislike "Esperanto" since he's really choppy/jerky and out of tune in it (at least in my ears). Oh, and speaking of his other songs? "CRYSTAL DESPAIR" from Cyber Formula is really good... in fact, it's even better than Timka's songs (which is weird because CRYSTAL DESPAIR is older than any of them!).

"Mirai Kara no Dengon" from his younger voice, "Kiss Shite ii" from the older one. I wish Yumi Touma sang more... I only have some songs from Fushigi Yuugi, Slayers, Pita Ten and Transformers Masterforce.

"commitment", "Bochibochi Ikoka ~Don't Worry~" and "Good Times Bad Times". Torn over whether to add "Furarete Eeyan" and "Yume ka? Utsutsu ka?" or not. ...I love Mitsuaki Madono for his incredible range... he could be singing seriously, and then suddenly pull a "Kon" note at the end. XD Nearly pissed myself laughing when he did that for "Candy Candy" in Hyakka Seiran.

"Mountain Road". I'm in love with that song - it's amazing how the lyrics manage to relate his mountain climbing to life itself. I even translated the entire thing into English, and Victor is so philosophical it's no wonder he's the Guardian of Earth.
"But now in lonely silence I will climb
Without turning a blind eye to my faults
I'm not simply aiming for that high peak
It's for making use of my life"

He even mentions that the clouds near the peak remind him of his dead friends, and simply looking at the sky feels painful. I'm just squealing because of the powerful imagery and how it drives home that he's a soldier, likely with some very harrowing experiences. ...I'm not entirely sure about this, but I have a theory that Victor started mountain-climbing in order to honor the dead and clear his mind, after some past war. ...And people ask me why he's my favorite. *falls over* Oh yeah, I love "TOGETHER ~Michi naki Michi wo Susume~", "Mirai ni Kaji wo Tore" and "YO-HO ~Kaze to Utaou~" too... which is nearly everything. I'm hoping Tachiki gets character songs for any future anime or game he might be in (one song from One Piece isn't enough...).

"TEMPEST ~Natsu no Arashi~", "STAY ~Asu Naki Sekai de~" and "Deep Forest". Though my favorite NariKen song is "Meikyuu Ichiza" from Zettai Meikyuu Grimm. He sings better in it than in any of Arios's songs (minus "Deep Forest" which is Leviath's anyway).

I love pretty much everything, but my top favorites?
Ballads: "Tanjou" (Julious and Tanaka!Clavis) and "Aoki Omoi, Shiroki Inori" (Ernst and Francis... this is actually Sugita's best Angelique song).
Energetic/cute: "I don't know how ~Sekai de Ichiban Taisetsuna Kimi ni~" (Randy and Zephel) and "Love Express" (Oscar and Randy).
Energetic/badass: "Knights in the Light ~Kishidou~" (Julious and Oscar) and "180 Degrees ~Force of Passion~" (Oscar and Arios).

Trio songs
"Time!" (Marcel, Randy and Zephel), "Mimi wo Sumashite" (Julious, Tanaka!Clavis and Luva), "Cosmic Voyage" (Randy, Zephel and Charlie) and "Brilliance" (Timka, Sei-Lan and Victor).

Group songs
"Kimi wa Hitori Janai" (eight original Guardians), "Issho ni Arukou yo" (six Special 2 guys), "Eien no Kane ga Naru" (Shiozawa!Clavis, Lumiale, Luva and Sei-Lan), "Kokoro ni Hana wo Sakaseyou" (Tanaka!Clavis, Lumiale, Sei-Lan and Mel) and "Ashita wo Hiraku Monotachi" (the eight new Guardians).

...I honestly laugh a little at "Eien no Kane ga Naru" since the song sounds completely normal, at first... and then you hear Shiozawa's voice seep through. He sounds like a goose and a creaky door had a lovechild... XD


As for which songs belong to which character, I've made a comprehensive list here.

Julious: Byakuya, Hikari no Rhapsody, Kogane no Arcadia, Tasogare ~Aishi-sa ga Furitsumoru~, Taiyou he no Kaidan ~Message of Silence~, 5-funkan ni History, Hikari no Tsubasa, Soleil Levant (8 songs)

Clavis: Ai no Nemuru Basho, Kokoro no Hyouga wo Koete, Sennen no Yakusoku, Sekai de Tatta Hitotsu no Basho de ~home green home~, Yoru no Sukoshi Temae de, Akari ni Naritai (2 from Shiozawa, 4 from Tanaka: 6 songs)

Randy: Shiawase ni Narou, Ashita Habataku, EVER GREEN ~Samenai Koi ga Koko ni Aru~, Atarashii Natsu ni Ai ni Ikou, Kimi no Tame ni Koko ni Iru, I CAN, Kono Te wo Hanasanai, Simple Dimple Smile (8 songs)

Zephel: DA DA DA Dynamic Diamond, Clumsy Love, Goin' my Speedway, lovesick, Don't be afraid, Ready set go, You gotta shake it, Shikai Zero kara no Dasshutsu (8 songs)

Marcel: Mori he Ikou yo, Hoshi to Tsuki no Bouquet, Kokoro ni Kakeru Niji, DING DONG ~Kimi wo Suki ni Naru~, Lily Sweet Lily, Kimi ga Ireba Daijoubu (6 songs)

Lumiale: Kiseki no Izumi, Gekkou Yoku, Mizu no Aria, Shiawase no Tapestry, Kohakuiro no Gogo, Itooshisa no Hotori de (6 songs)

Olivie: Yume wa Chance wo Tsuretekuru, Jealousy de Nemurenai, Mizu no Naka no Taiyou, Gold Rush ~21st Century's~, Good-bye & Good-luck, Mikan no Serenade (6 songs)

Oscar: Moeagarazu ni Irarenai, Ai to Shika Yobenai, All night? All right! ~Yoru wo Hajimeyou~, Resolution ~Zutto Hanasanai~, Eien no Reservation, Glamorous Venus, Build a fire, TRUE ROMANCE ~Ushinawareta Ai wo Motomete~, Prologue wa Eien ni (9 songs)

Luva: Eien no Michi, Sorayobi, Jasmine no Oka, Ichiba nite, Flower Shower ~Sayonara no Hana~, Yuukyuu no Monogatari, Owaranai High Noon, Saudade ~Kyoushuu~ (8 songs)

Leonard: Jiyuu ga Subete, Midnight Shuffle, Matenrou Tightrope, Everyday Everynight (4 songs)

Francis: Utakata no Opera, Balsamic Moon no Maryoku, Urei no Hanazono (3 songs)

Heuye: Miagete Blue Sky, I wanna try ~Shounen ja Irarenai~, Gomen na ~Hadashi no Kimochi~, Burenai Ore wo Mitekure, Tenohira no My Love (5 songs)

Ernst: Shizukana Natsu no Monogatari, H2O, ANSWER, QUESTION, Boukyaku he no Hommage, Ijigen Hikou ~Alpha to Omega~, Love is Pain, Silent Kiss (8 songs)

Sei-Lan: Ichiban Mijikai Ai no Shi, illusion ~Maboroshi no Chou~, Hakujitsumu ~Secret Dream~, Kimi no Ai ga Kikoeru, Inshouha, MYSTIC NIGHT (6 songs)

Timka: Hoshi no Yubiwa ~shining star~, Esperanto ~Hareta Hi no Umi ni wa Kibou ga Tachi Noboru~, Iruka no Asobu Hoshi ~Little Propose~, Isshou ni Ichido Onegai, Houseki no Shima, Only Love ~Kokoro kara Hoshii mono~ (6 songs)

Mel: Kimi ga Ippai, Kiss Shite ii, Kimi wo Tsurete Yukitai, Mirai Kara no Dengon, Nagame no Ii Basho, Suna Arashi (6 songs)

Charlie: commitment, Optimist wa Kiseki wo Okosu, Bochibochi Ikoka ~Don't Worry~, Furarete Eeyan, Ore wa Tsuiteru!, Yume ka? Utsutsu ka?, Good Times Bad Times (7 songs)

Victor: TOGETHER ~Michi naki Michi wo Susume~, Mirai ni Kaji wo Tore, Yakusoku, Mountain Road, YO-HO ~Kaze to Utaou~, Innocent Sky ~Aozora wo Kokoro ni Daite~ (6 songs)

Arios/Leviath: TEMPEST ~Natsu no Arashi~, STAY ~Asu Naki Sekai de~, Mou Sayonara wa Iwasenaide ~Faith of Love~, DESTINY ~Zankyou wa Yamanai~, SCAR ~Me ni Mienai Kizuato~, Deep Forest (5 as Arios, 1 as Leviath: 6 songs)

Duet: Sannin no Table ~Sweet Flower Garden~ (Luva and Lumiale), Shibireru Kurai Kanjitai (Olivie and Oscar), Hi wa Shizumi Mata Noboru ~Sunrise & Sunset~ (Julious and Shiozawa!Clavis), Tanjou (Julious and Tanaka!Clavis), Mugen no Yoru ni Kagi wo Kakete (Olivie and Charlie), I don't know how ~Sekai de Ichiban Taisetsuna Kimi ni~ (Randy and Zephel), Yume no Arika (Ernst and Victor), Knights in the Light ~Kishidou~ (Julious and Oscar), 180 Degrees ~Force of Passion~ (Oscar and Arios), I Wish ~Eien no Tsubomi~ (Marcel and Lumiale), Ari no Mama Kimi no Mama (Ernst and Mel), From Zero (Ernst and Zephel), Kibou no Hashi (Luva and Victor), Sugao no Mama de ~you light up my life~ (Oscar and Charlie), Suteki ni Narou (Angelique and Rosalia), Gake ni Saku Bara ~Brave Love~ (Julious and Arios), Love Express (Randy and Oscar), Aoki Omoi Shiroki Inori (Ernst and Francis) (18 songs)

Trio: Time!, Hoshi no Kodomotachi, Mimi wo Sumashite, Cosmic Voyage, Brilliance, Eien no Calendar (6 songs)

Group: Kimi wa Hitori Janai, Issho ni Arukou yo, Eien no Kane ga Naru, Kokoro ni Hana wo Sakaseyou, Ashita wo Hiraku Monotachi, Brand-New World (6 songs)


PS. I might do journals like this for the other series, too. ...All four series in one place might make it a little too cluttered (especially Haruka and Corda need their own journals thanks to how HUGE they are).

Btw, does anyone know if Jin Horikawa (Pastha) has ever sung? In anything? I would love to get my hands on his songs if he has any - I fell in love with his voice BEFORE I even started paying attention to voice-acting. ...I watched B'tX around 10 years ago and I knew nothing about voice actors back then - X's voice instantly caught my ear and now he plays Tetsuya in Super Robot Wars (and they're my favorite characters in their respective series). XD
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Susan: harada lovetattoo_dreamer on August 21st, 2016 10:42 pm (UTC)
Awesome job on the songs list! I have to admit that I don't understand Japanese and haven't looked up the lyrics, so I don't actually understand what any of the songs are saying. I listen more for the melody and the sound of the singer's voice than actual lyrics (weird I know). I'm going through my Angelique songs now to determine my favorites ^^ I can say a few of mine, though, are Olivie's Jealousy de Nemurenai, Arios's Stay, Leviath's Deep Forest, Charlie's Committment, and Randy's Ashita, Habaku.
beldariusbeldarius on August 22nd, 2016 01:58 pm (UTC)
I'm not that good at Japanese myself, yet. XD I have to specifically look up the lyrics online and then use Google Translate to turn them into romaji.

Charlie's songs are especially difficult to understand since they tend to be in the kansai dialect. And then there's Zephel who uses tons of slang.