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"Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom" announced for North American release!

"Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom" for PSP announced for North American release! I'm watching the Anime Expo Aksys panel liveblogged now, check it out here:
Event is over but you can still check out the news here:
And chat about it here: :3
Can't say I want to play this game, [I don't need ANGST in my otome games :/] but maybe I'll go for it anyways. There will be both a normal and special edition to go for, and it will be available on PSN too. I think it was mentioned that it was tied to an anime too, has that been officially released in the west? I'm so behind on popular anime XD
Also announced was "Fate/Extra", don't know much about the series, but I think it's popular ^^;

I was a little disappointed when the liveblog mentioned "Second game is set in the feudal era of Japan and has ridiculously hot men?!", while I'm listening to Harukanaru music, and hoping for Hiiro no Kakera |D Oh well, maybe something good will come out of this if these sell well.

more info on Hakuoki here -

more info on fate/extra here -

*edit edit* could there be even more otome in the works?! JList/JAST USA will also be having a panel at Anime Expo later tonight: "We’ll have complete information on our new license acquisitions at our panel at Anime Expo this weekend, Saturday July 2nd at 11:00pm, room LP3 of the Los Angeles Convention Center, including a project in the works that we think female fans will be particularly excited about." What could it be? There was mention of Starry Sky by one of the staff on SiliconEra... And there are a lot of other 18+ otome games out there too, so who knows? XD

*edit edit edit* Starry Sky officially confirmed from JAST USA! [no, it's not an 18+ game, or yaoi *smacks the liveblogger* XD] From the AX liveblog here:
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